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Maltese Cross extracts (Tribulus terrestris): Measuring barely 5 cm high, this plant native to India and the Mediterranean Rim would have the ability to increase the level of testosterone in our body. It also has toning and aphrodisiac properties.

Extracts of Maca root (Lepidium meyenii): Born at more than 3500 m altitude in the Peruvian Andes, Maca root or "Peruvian ginseng" and still called "Peruvian viagra" so much it has the ability to stimulate libido. It is also credited with the ability to fight male infertility by improving sperm quality.

Florida palm extracts (Serenoa repens): It is a small palm tree not exceeding 2.5 m originating from sub-tropical America. Very well known to Amerindians, it was used since the Maya to prepare a love potion

L-Arginine HCL (600 mg): it is an amino acid that has the ability to stimulate the production of nitrogen monoxide causing vasodilation and thus promoting blood flow to the penis.

Pumpkin seed extracts (Cucurbita pepo): Pumpkin seeds have many benefits, including the ability to fight sexual disorders.

Ginseng (Panax ginseng): Originally from the Asian continent, Ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese pharmacopoeia for thousands of years for its toning and aphrodisiac properties.

Sarsaparilla (Smilax aspera): Known from the dry lands of Mexico, India and the Mediterranean scrublands, sarsaparilla is used for its positive action on virility. It is simultaneously a tonic and an aphrodisiac.

Nettle (Urtica sp.): It is a European plant with many properties including being invigorating, which is why it is used here.

Licorice extracts (Glycyrrhiza glabra): Originally from southern Europe and Asia, licorice is a very good cerebral stimulant. It also contains isoflavones that would significantly reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

You will certainly have understood this, by combining these different plants or plant extracts, the FitaPharma laboratory composes a real magic potion to fight against sexual disorders and assure your 5th member of XTRA LARGE dimensions.

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To understand the working principle of Xtrasize is simple. Let's go back to the erectile process first, imagine a sponge. Dry, its dimensions are reduced but the more water one throats, the more it swells and its dimensions grow. The penis works on the same principle.

Being a spongy muscle, it has the ability to drink blood under the effect of excitement. Its measurements will then depend on the power of your excitement, the amount of blood that will flow towards your sex and finally its capacity to retain a maximum of blood.

For this reason, Xtrasize acts in a complementary way on your hormonal system, your sexual appetite and your circulation

With early spring, a lot of women, keep in mind about varicose veins - you don't want to show terrible feet. Varicose and capillary, expand the sh utoffs inside them, apart from as well as can not keep the blood is an energetic activity at heart that stagnates in the varicose veins, and also tension and even the dedicated cough also up to the feet.

This leads to edema, pigmentation of the skin, as well as abscess trophic. Varicose horrible, not so much by itself, the amount of difficulty. Among them, apoplexy, thrombophlebitis (blood clot inflammation) as well as pulmonary embolism is a blood clot separating and blocking the vessels of the lungs. The last problem is usually fatal, if a strong vary large pot big is stuck.

For a long period of time, the primary treatment of varicose veins was surgical elimination of capillaries damaged by the disease. This operation is stressful, come with blood loss after it leaves signs, at 1.5-2 weeks on healing in hospital, so it should more likely to rehabilitation and residence. Making his under anaesthetic, or supposes Vary's strong price that spinal anaesthesia. Unfortunately, this remains so to deal with varicose and capillaries in many clinical institutions today. Of services and use of brand-new, less terrible approaches to therapy of varicose veins and capillaries, is inadequate. Despite the difficult names, their meaning is simple: with the ultrasound of the heart or liver, with a regulated detection unit the innovation of the probe on a blood vessel price, as well as the best place prizhivaetsya its wall.

It is as if the "mixture", the overlapping of the lumen of the blood vessel. This removes extremely reason for illness, blood in the vein of stops in the flow of instructions to the foot (as well as its discharge to the heart is detours - various other veins). In the veins, located here under the pressure increases - brand-new systems, embolism and various other changes do not create. Essentially, this eliminates the possibility of reappearance - repeat the disease. Within three years after treatment only occurs in 2-3% of people. All this is done without incisions, without anaesthesia, in the neighborhood Vary strong price anesthesia and leaves no aesthetic flaw. The incidence of varicose veins to advise you is not worth it, because you do not know yourself does not allow it. And then the summer season glance, inadvertently stops on someone's legs, disfigured by a terrible blue knots. However, just as randomly look at it, quickly overlooked unwanted photos. And even compassion for a malaise man there is fleeting, after all, it is the question will certainly never be and then ever see! That's what you believe, until you see to betray veins betrayal of your legs. And even here starts if not panicking, he is left: to make sure that s because the feet end up priced with being swollen in the evening and a little sick! That s why the beautiful fashionable footwear are currently put on is not as easy as just six months before! Need to do something. We are looking for a popular treatment of blood vessel varicose veins.

Celebrity "and the small knots are freed from using sclerotherapy - they enforce specific make-up specifically for foam form, the space expands, and end up being visible. Even more important instances, the so-called mini-phlebectomy. Unlike traditional forum surgery is much less terrible than capillary removal: they are extracted is not the best component, as well as almost without cuts, through punctures on the skin with a size of 2 mm. the procedure lasts on average 40-60 minutes. Subcutaneous lesions in this situation so small that the client can, after surgical treatment to walk. In the post-operative duration, it is usually possible to conduct Vary strong forums a normal life. You could more likely than the function and go about their company. The only doctor - about a month or so you need to use compression stockings. They compress the capillaries, triggering their walls are disordered faster. The benefits of this traditional surgical treatment elimination of blood vessels is indisputable, however, it is normally performed at a cost. Over the past ten years, hundreds of forums of thousands of people in eliminating varicose veins blood vessels with the help of new methods of treatment. And all this without incisions, scalpels, scarring, anaesthesia or the anesthetic spine, without hospitalisation and even a long healing.

Contraindications for such disturbance a little bit. To begin with it severe cardiac or respiratory failure, maternity. Do not use this therapy if you have already had a deep vein of Vary strong apoplexy forum. In such cases, individuals are commonly treated